Goons of Balatroon - Summary

Overview: Goons of Balatroon is a funny, wacky NFT universe featuring a card battle game, where player factions fight each other for the control of Balatroon using Goon Cards and earn $GOB tokens for their valiant efforts. Players will discover the lore of Balatroon, participate in the GOB economy, and craft abilities that will lead them to victory against the competition. Some of the features:

  • Trading card game (Goon Cards) on Beam

  • Free-to-play, play-to-earn PvP

  • P2E multipliers with partner or Goon NFTs

  • Collect-to-earn quests & achievements

  • Card crafting

  • NFT leasing

$GOB Token: This governance and utility token is the lynchpin of the Balatroonian economy. It is a fungible ERC-20 token on the Elysium network from Vulcan Forged, a layer-2 solution to avoid paying exorbitant gas fees to transact. It is acquired through participation in the decentralized economy, game rewards, and by hodling either Goons NFT assets or staking the token itself. $GOB can be used to:

  • Purchase Goon Card NFTs (live on Sphere marketplace)

  • Lease Goon character NFTs

  • Craft new cards

  • Stake to support the game economy and get rewarded

When using the token to craft, players will acquire better, rarer cards and dispose of less-desirable duplicate cards, which end up being recycled in a special cards pool. Finally, $GOB holders will be able to vote on community proposals and their decisions will have an effect on the world of Balatroon itself.

NFT Rewards Program: Goons Avatars and Goon Bods NFTs can be HODLed to earn $GOB. A Goon is considered "HODLed" if it is held in the user's wallet and not listed on an exchange. Goon Bods yield a higher return than Goon NFT avatars, however hodling both together provides a bonus, enhancing the hodl yield.

Goon Factory: Goon Bods are an adjacent NFT set to the Goons NFT avatar collection. The Goon Factory allows holders of a Goon to mint a full-body avatar Bod and customize it. With roughly 80% of available traits being free, holders can design their Goon as they wish. Premium traits also exist for holders who wish to continue to support the project and flex their tiered traits. Goon Bods can be hodled to earn $GOB token rewards. Traits affect rarity only and have no effective utility beyond in-game aesthetics. Each Goon NFT avatar can mint 1 body indefinitely with no deadline. Goon Bods can be bought, sold, and traded independently of the main Goon NFT avatars, and are not tied to one particular Goon - for this reason, Goon Bod NFTs display as a mannequin on OpenSea.

Goon Cards: Each Goons NFT will receive 8 packs of Goon Cards over time for a total of 40 card NFTs! These are ERC-721 NFTs on Immutable X, the layer 2 solution for users to remain on the Ethereum network while avoiding paying high gas fees. The initial drop will contain a variety of powerful cards that will give players the first taste of potential deck-building strategies. Additionally, players can improve their deck through crafting or buying cards off NFT marketplaces.

The Game and the Future: Having both freemium and premium gateways to play the game, it is set up to scale while preserving exclusivity and value for Goons NFT holders. As a freemium user, a player would have access to a set of non-NFT Goon Cards and battle as any other player; however, holding Goons NFT assets will enable the player to receive maximum $GOB gaming rewards and showcase their favorite characters! As the game grows, additional factions will be released but will not affect the rarity of the initial Bulas and Bairs. These additional factions will allow the game to scale. Buckle up Goons; there is much to come. Welcome to Balatroon!

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